Satellite OTT

Our turn key solution

1. Digital Content

We can deliver any type of content including Live TV, Radio, Live events, VOD, Music, eBook, eLearning, Web pages, APK etc..

2. Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management System will help you to control and monitor the full end to end solution including content, gateways, monitoring, statistics, monetization etc..

3. Satellite Delivery

We partner with lot of Satellite operators to deliver your content anywhere in your target territory.

4. Local Gateways

Our gateways have been designed to receive satellite content, store it and stream it to Smart devices via WiFi. Gateway can also offer access to internet via 4G, VSAT or local network (ADSL, fiber..).

5. Target location

Local streaming can be offered at any places including schools, universities, homes, public places, remote villages, hospitalities, stations, transportation... Viewers can watch on site or download VOD on his device to watch it later.

6. Multi Devices

Content can be streamed to hundreds of smart devices including laptop, tablet, smart phones using our Web sites running on the gateway or our iOS and Android application. Content can be encrypted via DRM. Service can be monetized via advertisements, transactions or subscriptions.

Local streaming

Live TV and Push are received from Satellite and stored locally in the gateway.
Users can access content catalog by connecting their Smart Devices to the WiFi.
Content can be played on site or downloaded to the smart Device to be watched later.

High Flexibility


  • Public screen
  • Smart TV
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones



Our solution can support any types of digital contents including Live TV, Radio, Live events, VOD, Catch-up TV, eBook, Music, APK, Web pages..



Our gateways can stream content to multiple users via our embedded WiFi. The number of concurrent users will depend on the gateway selected and installation, going from ten users at home to hundreds users in public places. Each user can select and watch his own content.


The solution can be use to target different types of application including Education, Home entertainment, public entertainment, training, information etc.. 

Why is it cost effective?

Internet OTT

Satellite OTT

Internet OTT is using Unicast connection (One to One) to stream video to each user so the cost for operator and users increase together with the number of video watched.

Satellite OTT is using Multicast (Once to Many) for the delivery and WiFi for local unicast streaming so the cost is fixed for operator and free of data for end users !

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